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Monday, March 25, 2013

CNN: Diamond lost for 4 years in printer

One can only wonder how on earth it got there, but stranger things have happened. The main thing is that it is recovered, even if it is four years after getting lost.

My suspicion is that the owner of the diamond figured he/she would even be more in the money when being in the possession of multiple diamonds or maybe they just wanted a copy of it for insurance purposes and the gem got lost during the process.

Since printers these days copy and produce such cut-clear images of the original, the hope of it spitting out an exact replica of the real deal is therefore not in vain. Unfortunately, it is only a picture, but it is better then nothing when the item suddenly disappears into thin air.

Diamonds are some of those rare treasures that never loose their value. On the contrary; they can only go up in value. A good example is this other headline I came across today; Yahoo!: Price for 18th-century ring shatters expectations.

It seems like the older it gets, the more it is worth. Most people protect their valuable items by placing them in a safe. That is therefore also the first place thieves would look. If you really are trying to find a safe place for your valuables then you were just given a clue.

Your printer!



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