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Saturday, February 23, 2013

CBS: Budget cuts could threaten U.S. poultry production

I suppose that means we can kiss our Buffalo wings and drumsticks goodbye. That is probably very beneficial for the chickens and when they are taken out of the equation, we may no longer see those commercials where cows promote and prod us to 'eat mor chickin'.

I can't help but wonder what new slogan they will come up with next. Maybe something like 'Chow mor pork'?

There were a few more headlines which led to some cynical and sarcastic thoughts on my part. Take this one for example: ABC: Oscar Losers Take Home $45,000 Gift Bag.
I sure wouldn't mind being a looser; you can give me a 45,000 dollar gift bag anytime. The value of the contents is more then I make in a year.

Besides, it has more benefits then an Oscar statue which is only good for display and requires having to find the space and a place for.

CNN: When cell phones were hideous . . .
People were not carrying them around with them all the time and we were able to enjoy visits and have decent conversations.

CNN: Boy to 911: Mom made me go to bed.
I wonder how long it will take before the First Lady steps in. She is already on a rampage to tell us what we can or can not feed our children. Don't be surprised when soon telling your child to go to bed will be classified under 'unconstitutional'.

CNN: Going to a movie? Eat this but not that.
That would totally depend on who you are going with. If you like your company then lots of peppermint and non-fragrant food is advisable. What in case you don't like the company? Well, I leave that up to your imagination.

My opinion would amount to a hill of beans!



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