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Monday, February 18, 2013

CBS: Obama spends day golfing with Tiger Woods.

It must be nice to find yourself in a position where you can just relax, and let everyone else worry about the mess. I can hardly remember the day I was able to do that. If I recall well, the last time that occurred was a little over four years ago.

While the rest of the nation slowly but surely has their legs cut out from under them, NBC News: Obama hits the links with Tiger Woods. I am glad he is having a grand ol' time, although it seems he is having those times more often then not. BTW, did you notice gas prices went up again? Yeah, that also happens more often then not.

The common folks are sighing under and struggling with the burden of making ends meet, how to protect themselves, and where their next job and health care is coming from. They have bigger fish to fry then to waste their time on Fox News: President Obama's latest uphill battle: Playing golf in Florida.

In case you wondered about this headline: NBC News: Another meteor? 'Fireballs' light up Florida sky, wonder no more. Those were probably the fireworks used as a celebration to mark another day of escaping finding solutions to the problems that come with life in the White House.

He could be on to something good though seeing how The New York Times: President Plans Decade-Long Effort to Map Human Brain. Maybe scientists can finally figure out what makes people tick and how to positively influence their behavior.

And what is this all about? Fox News: Media Angry Over Missing Obama's Round With Tiger. Do they really think I am interested in the president's game of golf? I am more curious about his political, financial, and economical game to clear up this mess and words won't cut it anymore.

Let's have one 'birdie' in the hand for a change, instead of two on the green!



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