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Friday, February 1, 2013

CNN: $65K in chicken wings stolen

We can say for sure that the clever move of the cows had a much greater impact than anyone could have foreseen. Well, I guess that proves the point I was trying to make yesterday in my post on 'what's behind the bull market'.

Someone's mind got stuck so badly on eating 'mor chickin' he/she could almost taste it. Almost, because all that was missing were the chicken wings. Since chicken wings are a traditional food during the Super Bowl, one doesn't have to go out of one's way finding them.

Step into any grocery store and they are up for grabs. That isn't meant literally, as this person must have assumed. Although this domestic fowl's limbs are readily available, the display sure doesn't hold $65K worth of them. The person in question knew however where to get them in large quantities.

That leads to the suspicion he/she is planning a huge party and, to accommodate all the guests, went on the prowl for fowl. I am not so convinced this action falls under the category of Fox News: Guilt-free Super Bowl snacks. Anyway, the worst part is yet to come; preparing and cooking all those wings.

After such a bold move of stealing that many chicken wings, I wouldn't be surprised the thief has his/her mind set on Yahoo!: How to make — and survive — spicy wings. That recipe sounds pretty good and you may even want to try it yourself.

What? Are you chicken???



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