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Thursday, January 31, 2013

CNN: What's behind the bull market?

It is kind of odd to pose that question. You are probably familiar with the saying that behind every great man there is a great woman. I see no reason why that would be different in the animal kingdom. Once you look past the bull, you should expect to see a cow.

I am practically 100% convinced that is the case and I base that belief on the following; bulls would have grabbed a problem by the horns and battled it out. They would not resort to painting on water towers, leaving notes, and displaying on billboards that people ought to 'eat mor chickin'.

It all makes sense when you pay attention to the commercials. You will see it is all the cows' initiative. There is not even a bull in sight. That also could be the explanation and the Yahoo!: Truth about the 'chicken wing apocalypse' or Fox News: Why You're Pigging Out.

It is pretty ingenious in my humble opinion. Stuff like that sticks and pops up in the mind when reaching for the ground beef, or when you are about to order a burger. Somehow, that type of meat doesn't seem that appealing anymore and other products are purchased which means; mission accomplished.

That is food for thought, isn't it?!



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