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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

CNN: State of the Union in 99 secs

No, I am not going to elaborate or comment on it. I didn't even watch it. I decided to give it the cold shoulder, which was probably for the best. The fact that the 71-minute lasting State Of The Union can be compiled in 99 seconds says more then enough.

Besides, it is all up in the air anyway. One thing is said and another is done. It's a challenge here, a triple-dog-dare there, and a manifestation of force and power on other issues. After it is all said and done, we may find ourselves left out in the cold again.

What is no longer up in the air is the three feet of snow that fell in Connecticut from Friday through Saturday. The landscape changed dramatically overnight and was blanketed in precipitation that neither left, nor raised any questions; it was pure, driven snow.

Even though it is going to take some time and elbow grease getting it all cleaned up and establishing a connection with the outside world again, at least it is doable. It is left up to the residents how much shoveling they can and are willing to do.

It is more interesting and fascinating to me to watch all that snow come down in 45 seconds then to waste another 99 seconds on not knowing what will!



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