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Friday, February 8, 2013

Yahoo!: Monster blizzard threatens Northeast

In case you haven't found out from experience yet that bad things often come in three then you better start expecting it, because they do. The Northeast has already gone through a devastating hurricane and now they are faced with a monster blizzard.

The likelihood they will be snowed in is great. Besides the blistering cold, the predictions are that at least one to two feet of snow will fall from the sky. I don't know how much damage that is going to inflict, but I feel sorry for them. They are already snowed under trying to clean up the effects of the first disaster.

Once the blizzard has moved on, there are a few other forces to be reckoned with. All that snow is eventually going to melt and, you guessed it, the melt-water may produce flooding. It seems like a no-win situation to me, no matter how well you are prepared.

According to the statistics; another calamity should be expected. They already have gone through a wet and windy hurricane, and are about to go through a chilling, monster blizzard. What's next? A safe bet would probably be a record heat wave in combination with a drought spell.

When Mother Nature decides to unleash her fury there is nothing much you can do. Maybe the next disaster is the State Of The Union and in both cases the only options we have are to ensure our safety, take cover, and let it run its course.

Self-preservation is the first law of nature!



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