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Friday, February 22, 2013

CBS: Storm may bring dangerous commute to upper-Midwest

I am glad we are not confronted with weather like that. If we were then I can assure you that the commute would not be dangerous at all. It would be a perfect opportunity to snow my boss and stay in the safety of my home.

How about this headline: CNN: 10 worst cities for driving? I thought that was rather deceiving, since there really is not one worst city for driving. Cities may be complicated to maneuver through, but people drive. So, there are only worst drivers. Conclusion: the headline should say: 10 cities with the worst drivers.

Fox News: Worker fired from stress ball factory, lashes out.
I can't help it, but after reading this I totally lost confidence in the healing powers of the stress ball. It is obviously not working and I am thinking of retiring it. I just hope that won't backfire on me.

NBC News: Lindsay Lohan destroys $1,750 gown.
Bless her heart! The poor thing really can't seem to do anything without ruining it or getting into trouble. I do hope that will change, once she gets tired of it.

Yahoo!: Things you should never say to your teen.
Memories of raising teenagers were brought back when I read this and it was a toss up between rolling on the floor with laughter and diving in a corner and cry my eyes out. I decided to do neither one and rejoiced in the fact that it was all in the past.

For those of you with teens, it doesn't matter what you say. Nothing will be received well. There is only one advice as what to say to them.




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