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Monday, March 4, 2013

CNN: Titanic II aims to replicate voyage

I consider that to be a noble and honorable enterprise, but my suggestion would be not to replicate the voyage entirely. As we all know, it didn't end so well and we most certainly could do without a repeat.

There were many headlines on the CNN homepage this morning that stood out to me. Most subjects may not be 'the order of the day', but those are already hashed out enough in my humble opinion. I will give you a piece of my mind on the ones that did catch my eye though.

My initial reaction on CNN: Fingers crossed! We may see a comet was how cool that would be, since we don't get a chance like that very often. On second thoughts however, I think I prefer to stick with the word 'may'. I sure don't want to get a good look at it up close and personal.

My eyebrows shot up in the air when I read CNN: $900 puppy stuffed in purse. It may have been small enough to fit between the lipstick and compact powder, but there is another side to the expression 'a heavy purse makes a light heart'. Had the little critter not made it, then the light purse would have made a heavy heart and especially for the one holding the purse strings.

Then there was the question CNN: Could you live in 54-square-foot space? The problem is we often don't want to and there is no reason for it either, but we most certainly could. Actually, mankind has for a long, long time, seeing how many of the caves were not much bigger. Maybe that explains the pining for a man cave.

Yup, back to the roots!



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