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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Fox News: Bloomberg ban means no 2-liter soda on pizza night

I am not in the least little bit surprised, since all the signs were present which were good indicators of something like this. In fact, I had a great suspicion this was about to happen sooner then later.

Just think of it; first they pretty much attack smoking to a point where it is almost made impossible to light one up without being condemned or fined. The next thing is going back to bland, because our salt craving is being put to a halt in the food we buy in the stores.

Mrs. O. is on a quest to take over the kitchen, with the justification to keep our children thin by banning unhealthy foods, snacks, and dictating what will be brought to the table. The sugar content in all our comfort food is under attack, while her husband is taking away our protecting by trying to ban the firearms.

Now, we can practically say farewell to our sodas and all this is just the tip of the iceberg. These measures are supposedly taken to protect our health and keep us alive longer. I wonder for what? Where is the fun when you take away all the food we enjoy so much and worked so hard for?

In case you wonder what the next 'health' issue is that could come up and we are no longer allowed to do, here is a riddle for you. The answer could be the writing on the wall. What is it we do every second and could be detrimental to our health, because what we take in is polluted?




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