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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

ABC: Woman Finds New Job as Chicken Sitter

There must have been a demand for it otherwise she would be without a job. I can't help but wonder how one applies for the position of chicken sitter and what credentials are required.

I suspect you can't be chicken-hearted, are not supposed to count the chickens before they hatch, go to bed with the chickens and, most importantly, don't chicken out. BTW, I do hope she doesn't take her job as chicken sitter too literally!

It seemed to me that ABC wasn't quite sure which route to go this morning and was running around like a chicken with its head cut off. Many of their headlines didn't make much sense to me.

First, they tell me there are 5 Things to Know This Morning, but a little further down the road they suddenly alert me that there are 10 Things to Know for Today. Based on that, I can only guess that to them the morning is not a part of the day.

As if that is not enough, ABC thinks it would be beneficial to me reading through an article by Brad Goreski: 10 Things You Don't Know About the Celebrity Stylist, while I am still trying to process the other things I supposedly needed to know for this morning and today.

I have a scoop of my own for this news media though. There is 1 thing you don't know and have to know for the entire day.

Give me a break!



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