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Monday, March 11, 2013

CNN: Hundreds of dead pigs fished from river

It's early in the morning and you plan on bringing some food to the table. You grab your fishing pole and head down to the river.

At first glance you think the rumbling sounds of your empty stomach are causing delusions as you watch tons of tasty bacon float by in front of your eyes. Then you realize it is reality and it occurs to you that something is fishy.

Upon finding out what happened, there are two ways to look at this. The first way would be that it sure is a noble endeavor to try and save humanity from buying a pig in a poke which may cause health issues, or worse for that matter.

The second take on it would be that they were trying to decrease the population by dumping all that pork in the main water supply. If that was not the intent then we need to question their reasoning and sanity. What on earth were they thinking?

My guess is that in reference to the latter, it probably all boils down to the financial aspect. By trying to save some dough, they sold a lot of people down the river. I don't think they were aware that by doing so they also sealed their own fate.

They now are up a creek without a paddle!



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