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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

CNN: Go inside shark's mouth

Thanks, but no thanks! I most certainly don't have a death wish. If I had to make a choice then I would rather go into the lions' den and know that I would at least have a shot at making it out alive. Once you are in a shark's mouth; you know you are toast.

There were some more headlines up for consideration this morning. Did you know for instance that there is CNN: Another Bush running for office? That is one of the things the Bush family has going for them; you sure don't have to beat the bushes to encounter one in the political environment.

Here is a horse of a different color; Yahoo!: Will and Kate’s Upcoming Baby Makes Prince Charles Feel Old. Being a grandparent, I can reassure Prince Charles that is only temporary. Once the little one is there, it will keep you young. For a little while that is until it runs faster than you do; then the time has come to start worrying about feeling old!

We have all heard of or may even be a little too familiar with speeding tickets, but how about Yahoo!: Woman gets ticket for driving 2 mph under speed limit? When you are going 2 mph over the speed limit you may get off with a warning or they let you get away with it, but you get fined for staying a little under? I guess they call that a creeping ticket.

At least you don't have to worry about that today. You are up to speed!



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