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Saturday, April 27, 2013

ABC: Your Nickel Could Be Worth $4 Million

It sure would make a huge difference if that was the case, but I would already be as happy as a lark when my nickel would be worth a dime. Not that it would make that much of a difference, seeing how we are being nickel-and-dimed to death every time we turn around.

It is an eye-opener though and more motivation to pick up every nickel we may come across. Many people don't even bother to pick up a lost coin; it is just not worth their effort. I on the other hand, pick up every penny I find, because my grandpa always used to say that someone who can't honor the small, isn't worthy of any at all.

Picking up a nickel could only prove how right he was. Just imagine you find one of those rare five cent coins that turns out to be worth several millions. Or worse; just imagine you stepped over it and come to find out you just left $4 million lying by the wayside. There is no doubt in my mind you would feel like a moron.

Well, I tell you what; step over it. Be that moron. It is not worth your effort. The likelihood that it is one of those rare coins would be a miracle. So, leave it where it is at.

I want to be the one to find it!



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