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Monday, May 27, 2013

CBS: GOP ought to be "closed for repairs," says Bob Dole

We have hardly recovered from one stunning revelation when another one already has a foot in the door. It comes across like there is no end to the many shady 'surprises' that are being brought to light. One thing is for sure; no one is to blame. At least, so they claim.

The topics have everyone's attention and raise a lot of questions. Those who are called in for answers try to get a word in edge-wise where their involvement is concerned, but answering a simple question is out of the question. They spout a thousand words without saying anything.

I find it odd hearing those who are being audited constantly repeating the words 'I don't know'. It is like listening to a broken record. They don't know they signed papers allowing for certain actions? I don't buy it. Most of them are lawyers and they of all people should know how important the fine print is.

Another thing I noticed is they magically can remember names, dates, and places when insignificant and irrelevant matters are brought up. The real question however seems to draw a blank and remains unanswered. Could that be a case of voluntary memory-loss?

With all due respect, I think Mr. Dole is barking up the wrong tree. It is not the GOP that ought to be closed for repairs; the other party is. The abbreviation of their name already indicates as much.

Doesn't 'Dem' stand for demolition???



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