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Monday, June 3, 2013

Yahoo!: What It's Really Like To Be A Google Intern.

I am totally convinced it can't be much fun. You have to constantly deal with people who are livid about the ever-changing guidelines, being kicked off the search engine, and either lost or saw their page rank decrease tremendously. I would say it is time to return the favor!

Another headline that caught my attention was Fox News: Florida man arrested after extra-long test drive.
My guess is the misunderstanding he had was that it was a thirty-day-free trial instead of thirty minutes max. That sure would be an honest mistake, contrary to driving it to work and planning on returning it afterwards.

How about Fox News: IRS Video Shows Employees Line Dancing?
The IRS has to come up with a song and dance to justify that. I am quite sure they will since those situations are not out of step to them. I wonder when they will start dancing to a different tune.

Yahoo!: Could You Live Without a Credit Card?
We sure could live without the debts they accumulate. That makes me question how many credit cards our government has. If it has any then my suspicion is that everyone would be living better if those would have been shredded a long time ago.

Last, but not least, ABC: US to Turkey: 'Calm the Situation'.
That kind of raised my eyebrows. Cows are promoting to 'eat mor chickin', not turkey and I could understand the chickens would have to be calmed down. So, what is there to get all upset about?

Besides, Thanksgiving is still five months away!



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