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Monday, June 24, 2013

ABC: Twinkies to Make 'Sweetest Comeback'

Just the thought of that taste bud-pleasing sensation you experience after you sink your teeth in this delicacy makes many mouths water. The creamy filling in combination with the soft, moist cake is not something many can resist. On the contrary; it leaves you drooling for more.

The health professionals may consider them to be one of the ABC: 6 Bad Excuses for Overeating. Right of the bat the question would be; who needs an excuse or find a justification for eating some more Twinkies? I wouldn't call it a bad excuse either and sure wouldn't be punished by having to eat 6, or more.

Each one of those snacks is an excuse to continue their consumption. You can't walk on one leg, so you got to have at least two. After those you are not really sure what's wrong with them. You definitely need a couple of more bites to try and determine what it is that 'bugs' your palate.

BTW, have you notice how quickly those snacks are gone? One moment you see them and the next moment they have magically disappeared. It is no wonder everyone always has a hankering for these treats and it is no wonder either they made a comeback.

I am glad they did, because there is something else about these snacks that shouldn't be overlooked; they are an American icon and there is only one thing that can top that.

Have your Twinkie and eat it too!



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