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Saturday, July 20, 2013

CNN: Court: It's OK for NSA to spy on you

I don't think that 64 years ago anyone would have suspected how George Orwell was pretty much predicting the future with the publishing of his book '1984'. For 63 years, no one even believed something like that would ever come to fruition.

We should have expected it though. Almost all the sci-fi gadgets have become reality, so why would this be an exception to the rule? Yes, Big Brother is watching us, and listening in on us, and scouring through our phone records, and who knows what else they are doing behind our backs which we are not aware of yet.

That's okay. Really, it is. Ask the court. The verdict is in and the law has been laid down; it is perfectly alright for the NSA to spy on you. There is no need to complain about our privacy being violated. It has just been established that we have none and you can't violate what doesn't exist.

The justification for the spying is to intercept any future terrorist actions. That sounds like Taurus manure to me. If the NSA would listen to the well-meant advice, hints, and tips coming from the rest of the world, there would be no need to spy on their own people. Oh well, it seems like the ball is in our court now.

It won't stand up in it though!



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