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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

The Alternative to Coupons

Coupons have long been a simple and effective way to get items at a discount; just look through the newspaper or magazine you're reading and cut out a whole page of offers. For a long time it was a great way to save a substantial amount of money. For many people, however, keeping track of the coupons you have along with their expiration dates is too much of a hassle. If only there was some alternative to coupons that combined the plentiful discounts with an easier way to keep track of dates. In this day and age where digital products reign supreme, coupons are beginning to feel very antiquated. The only solution to this conundrum is to make coupons themselves digital.

Thankfully, the company PalmPons has created just that alternative. They are a small business that has created a platform using something known as "snippets" which are bit-sized sell-able pieces of a company's product or services. Businesses that would like to partake in this platform create their own snippets which allows them to sell their services at discount prices. This successfully improves upon the concept of coupons and upgrades it to the digital age. This also makes it an ideal platform for small businesses to do their promotional marketing creating real customer buy in. Since so many people today use the internet for everything and with the death of newspapers and magazines becoming more apparent each day, PalmPons has truly done an impressive thing.

By successfully melding the easy discounts of standard coupons with the ease of online organization, both companies and consumers alike can make use of this company's idea. This is definitely a company to look out for in the future not only because of their ingenious idea, but their services to small businesses is also something that's much needed in this age of mega corporations ruling the market.



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