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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

CBS: Invasive species spreading across America

I was rather shocked finding out there were so many plant and animal species slowly but surely taking over the nation. My awareness didn't go further then pythons, wild hogs, and a few types of fish. Now I find out there are 49,997 more species around.

That is not the end of it. According to the scientists, that number will increase in the near future. Have you thought about what that will do to the United States? Those foreign species will take over and change the face of the country forever.

I don't know what all those other species are. The list is too extensive to investigate, but we better come up with a solution and a fast one as well for that matter. Oh wait, there already is an app for that; hack them and whack them.

That wasn't the only thing that startled me this morning. I came across a picture of ABC: Lady Gaga's Shocking New Look. I had to force myself not to call 911 and kept telling myself over and over again that it was only a result of tastelessly applied make-up.

I tried really hard, but my brain just wouldn't accept the fact that this look was all done on purpose. Who on earth would want to walk around like that? Apparently she does. Well, she achieved her goal. She sure 'ga-gagged' me and almost made me believe the zombie apocalypse was upon us.

Let's hope this 'look' doesn't catch on. There are already more then enough invasive species forcing their way in!



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