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Monday, August 19, 2013

Yahoo!: Why your boss is less stressed than you

Well, summer vacation is over and I hope you had a good one because it has to last you for another year. It's back to the grindstone, or the salt mines, if you so prefer.

It is no wonder that my superior is less stressed than I am. The boss can go on vacation whenever he/she feels like it and doesn't have to worry if the job is still there upon return.

He/she can do a job that is close enough for government work and get away with it too. Speaking of the government, doing a lousy job may even result in a paid vacation or a promotion. It's all in a day's work.

To make matters worse, we are confronted with ABC: What Congress Members Did on Vacation. Do they really think that the common man is eager to learn about the extravaganza, while jumping through hoops to make ends meet?

As if that is not enough yet, we are confronted with how many hours the president spent on the golf course, went out to dinner, dedicated to trips and more, as you could read in ABC's article on Obama's Vacation by the Numbers.

How lovely. Now I understand the full meaning of the expression 'back to the salt mines'. After doing all the back-breaking work the owners can use it.

To rub salt in the wounds!



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