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Friday, September 27, 2013

CNN: It keeps getting hotter, and we're probably to blame

It is my personal opinion that this might be a little exaggerated and that we are not in hot water as they are trying to make us believe. It is true that the temperatures of our summers may have hit higher marks then before, but they also have reached very low numbers where the last several winters are concerned.

We ought to take both of those in account and then examine the global cycle of our planet through its entire existence. When we do, it becomes quite obvious that climate changes are normal and have occurred over millions of years. Current desserts once were large bodies of water while ice has covered most of the land for thousands of years, and more then once.

Who is to say that the climate changes at present are not part of the earth's cycle? Many scientists agree that we shouldn't be surprised when another 'little' ice age comes along. Even a shift of the equator has already been predicted more often then not. I don't think it is fair putting us on the hot spot, since these are all natural occurrences.

I don't understand why they keep talking about this global warming while it is so obvious that the winters have gotten colder too. Why is that being overlooked? I suspect it doesn't fit in with what they want us to believe. Well, there is an app for that.

Let's put them in the hot seat!



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