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Monday, September 9, 2013

ABC: Long-Lost Van Gogh Found in Attic

That is another good reason why you may want to go through your attic with a fine-tooth comb. You never know what you stumble upon that may be able to yield some money these days.

You are probably familiar with the expression that one man's trash is another man's treasure. Well, it could have been the treasure of the first one as well if he just had known how much cash he had stored in his attic. I better check ours and find out how many millions have been gathering dust up there.

Oh wait, the small space we have is empty. We are slap out of luck there, but I have high hopes for that ten dollar bill we buried in the backyard. The weather conditions are perfect and it is getting a lot of TLC. It should sprout any moment now. Yeah, yeah, I know. A fool and his money.....

Enough of that though and onto the more important matters at hand like Yahoo!: Obama faces skeptical public. I wonder how he is experiencing this situation. At least he is getting some notion of what the public has to go through when facing a skeptical leader.

The public has not only lost its confidence in him, but they are also skeptical about his actions. CNN: U.S. to Obama: Don't do it, probably will result in the fact that he is going to do it. Skepticism, cynicism, or truth, time will tell. I wish we could throw that one in the attic and forget about it.

It sure would mean billions of dollars in the pocket and avoiding a lot of strife!



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