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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

CBS: "Selfie" named word of the year for 2013

I had not heard of this word before it was pronounced 'word of the year' and incorporated into the Oxford Dictionaries. My guess is that many others hadn't either, but didn't want to come across as being ignorant. Since yesterday, I have heard the word so often it made me sick to my stomach.

Don't worry. I will not bother you with a 'selfie' while I am hugging the commode. My phone isn't smart enough. Speaking of which, did you know it was World Toilet Day yesterday? I was unaware of that fact either. It apparently has been held every year on the 19th of November since 2001.

Not that it makes a difference to me. This ingenious device and I celebrate its existence every day. I am not sure why the word party pooper keeps crossing my mind. That kind of knocks me for a loop. So did this headline: Fox News: The “Knockout” game.

No, it is not funny. Whoever came up with this is in desperate need of a psychiatrist. When boredom instigates such horrible deeds then coming up with actions which would be helpful instead of harmful should be a breeze. Looking for a job would be a good start.

For some reason, our present youth is against that. Of course they are; it involves taking on responsibilities and investing some of their 'precious' time, energy, and effort.

It also requires putting their brain to good use for a change!



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