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Saturday, November 9, 2013

NBC: Myth, busted: Does plucking gray hairs make more grow back?

It has always been said that when you pluck one gray hair, two will grow back in its place. That turns out to be an old-wives' tale. Plucking will get rid of it for a little while, but eventually it will grow back.

If you grow more gray hair then it most certainly isn't due to getting rid of one in the first place. You may just as well accept the fact that you are getting older or reach for the hair dye which is readily available in the cosmetic isle.

That works great for masking the gray on top of your head. It is no option though when you are faced with unwanted hair growing out of your chin and constantly appearing on top of your upper lip. How about that forest growing on your legs?

Plucking, shaving, or waxing seems to be the only option getting rid of them. That is not true either. There is another alternative which many of us tend to overlook; laser hair removal. This method is much more efficient than applying the tweezers, cutting ourselves with raisers, or hassling with hot wax.

It is neither a time-consuming procedure nor will it cost an arm and a leg. On the contrary; it will save time, since the hair will stay away longer and eventually may not grow back at all, plus it also totally eliminates the likelihood of cuts and scrapes. Taking those disadvantages out of the equation is priceless.

Thanks to the skills, expertise, and latest technologies, we don't have to pull our hair out anymore as soon as we spot them in unwanted places. For a very affordable price we can finally say goodbye to bad hair days in a lot less painful way and that is absolutely worth looking into.

It will save us blood, sweat, and tears!



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