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Monday, November 11, 2013

NBC: Space trio brings Olympic torch back to Earth

I have no earthly idea why it was so important to take the Olympic torch into space, but it happened. I suppose it gives the torch a little bit more value when there is some history attached to it. How odd, I was under the impression there already was.

Taking in account that the burning torch represents the commemoration of Prometheus stealing fire from the Greek god Zeus and how that fire was kept burning before and during the ancient Olympics, I would suspect that added plenty of historic value to the torch.

How would a space journey increase that value? It is not like it was lit in outer space and its flame was visible lighting up the universe. Now there is something that would have been invaluable. It would have been quite an achievement as well getting a fire going without oxygen.

Oh well, that is a very deep subject for such a shallow mind as mine and I am no longer going to wreck my brains over the why of this endeavor. The day is still young and I can't afford my brain to space out. Unlike the Olympic torch, it may not return back to Earth.

There are some days when I wish it wouldn't, but I like my scattered brain and I will keep it. I am told I can!



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