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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

CNN: Man finds $98k in Craigslist desk

I stumbled upon this headline while scouring through the media and thought at first it might have been a typo, but it wasn't. Normally, a cheap desk comes with a hefty price tag. Hardly ever does it result in such a huge, welcome windfall.

Don't go buying every piece of furniture on that list now. The odds of striking it rich are equal to winning the lottery. At least one lucky guy can now afford his health insurance.

Speaking of which, the honeymoon must be over looking at how the Democrats are turning on themselves: CNN: Clinton to Obama: Keep your promise. The speculations are that the first is seeing the writings on the wall and can't have any wrenches thrown in future works.

Yes, there is definitely trouble in paradise, if there ever was one.

Here is an eyebrow-raiser: Yahoo!: University inadvertently unenrolls all its students. Can you imagine being kicked out after having gone through all the trouble and agony of enrolling?
In spite of what is claimed, this does prove however that cancellation is possible.

It just takes another glitch.

How about this one: CNET: Google begins serving up KitKat upgrade to some Nexus tablets? I suppose you can operate it with a Butterfinger. That would probably result in several Snickers. Be careful though, because it Mounds your bad cholesterol level to Mars.

That might soon be a thing of the past though. Trans fatty foods are about to be launched into the Milky Way. That is not going to sit well with some people.

They might space out!



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