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Friday, January 10, 2014

Yahoo!: 100,000 bats fall from the sky in Australia

In case you weren't aware of it yet here is some stunning news; life is full of opposites and contradictions. Right of the bat we come across a headline in the media informing us of these flying critters raining down from heaven by the thousands due to a heat wave in Australia.

Yes, thermometers are stuck on extremely high digits in that part of the world while we are freezing our posteriors off here. You really have to be as blind as a bat not to notice the huge difference in temperatures between the two continents.

Should you need a little more convincing then maybe a look at Yahoo!: Photos show partially frozen Niagara Falls will open your eyes? It is very cold here. It is very hot there. Those are two complete opposites. Are you with me?

Here is another one for you: CNN: Most in Congress are millionaires. It is quite obvious that the rest of the population has got the short end of the stick. They are struggling to make ends meet, but the budget is already stretched as far as it can go.

Should you need a little more convincing then maybe this headline Fox News: Happy 50th birthday 'War on Poverty' will open your eyes? Ask yourself why there is a war on poverty and why after all those decades it still is raging on.

Maybe we ought to ask Congress. I have a slight suspicion they know the secret to success. I also suspect they are not eager to share, but will run like a bat out of hell instead. They better be careful not to run into a heat wave.

A polar vortex isn't recommended either!



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