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Sunday, November 28, 2010

ABC: Watch: Giving the Gift of Cash

Wouldn't that be something; if the stores would hand out cash, but so far all I have seen is deals being offered which still require us paying money to the stores.

That may present a problem, because most of us have a cash flow problem these days and the only one cashing in is everyone else, but the consumer. Of course we can keep our hands on our wallets, but that would leave the space under the Christmas tree rather barren.

FOX NEWS: It's the holiday season, but are people willing to give? Sure they are, but in order to be able to give you need to have first and those greenbacks are hard to come by these days.

It may be a good idea to resort to another gift; celebrating the reason of the season by spending the time in love, care and harmony with our family and friends. You don't need any cash for that, because that gift doesn't require a single penny.

It is priceless!



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