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Thursday, November 11, 2010

FOX NEWS: 'Robin Hood' Tax to Be Pushed at G-20

Oh dear, that would be like opening a huge can of worms, because if this tax is being pushed into existence then we better hold on to our horses; there may be more of those taxes lurking around the bend.

It wouldn't be difficult to come up with some other taxes which would be perfectly justified due to their noble intent. How about a 'King Arthur' tax for those living in a square or rectangle house?

Here are a few other taxes which may come to fruition: the 'Nostradamus' tax for not seeing the effect, the 'Thomas Edison' tax for turning off the lights, a 'Da Vinci' tax for being unable to decipher the code. How about the 'Santa Claus' tax for everyone who owns a car?

In case you wonder where the money for all those taxes may end up at; don't worry, they will come up with a way to apply it.

Yup, there is an app for that!



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