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Friday, November 5, 2010

CNN: Lotto winners donate all $11 million

They may have kept 2% of what they won for a rainy day, but that is nothing compared to the 98% they donated. Why did they give it away? Out of the goodness of their hearts!

It is so heart warming to read that there are still people out there who are happy with what they have and take joy and fulfillment in giving and sharing. Even though CBS: Couple Wins $11M; Gives Almost All of It Away; what they got in return is something no one can ever take away from them.

Sure, you can bring up the fact that it concerns an elderly couple, but they did not have to do that. Considering all they have been, and still are going through, they could easily have justified spending all that money on themselves.

However, instead of deciding to live large, they decided to give large and by doing so, they built up a treasure beyond imagination. What a remarkable and admirable couple. Thanks for setting another rare, but wonderful example that....

It is always better to give, then to receive!



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