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Monday, April 4, 2011

CNN: Windows 8 is coming

It was thrilling to have Windows 95, but that made it difficult getting used to 98. I had to skip 2000 and forewent the Millennium Edition, because it was going too fast for me and became a little too costly to keep up with.

When Windows XP came out, it had too many bugs and flaws which needed updating and fixing. I hadn't even mastered Vista yet, when Windows 7 was introduced and now Windows 8 is about to be launched?

Arrghh, how many windows does a person need to be able to do a good job and connect to the outside world? Yeah, according to Bill Gates we can never have enough. That doesn't come as a surprise, considering how our money goes out of the window, into Windows and straight in to his wallet.

I suspect he speculates on our curiosity and need for speed. That sure opens up a window for him:

The window of opportunity!



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