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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

ABC: 7 Ways To Read An Egg Carton

I think it is incredible seeing how some people find the time diving in to a subject which seems rather trivial to me, compared to all the rest that is going on in the world.

My suspicion is that you have to be a supporter of PETA to be concerned about that. Yeah, I am a member of a PETA club; People Eat Tasty Animals, and the only time I read an egg carton is to determine whether it says small, medium or large and what the expiration date is.

It is the contents that counts and I would probably read the carton more if it would unveil whether all the eggs it contains are in one piece, or if some of them are cracked and/or broken.

I do sympathize with the chickens that do all the work and I hope they lead a happy life, but that usually equates to the fact that I have to pay more for the results of their hard labor and since I have the option:

I chicken out!



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