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Monday, May 9, 2011

ABC: Schools May Ban Chocolate Milk Over Sugar

I have the tendency to kick this entire sugar hype to the curb; as far as I am concerned it is slowly, but surely reaching the point of ridicule.

Parents have a wide array of choice when it comes to buying their kids sugar free candy, gum and/or other snacks and schools can even decide to switch over to sugar free chocolate milk or the kind which contains less sugar.

There is no need to ban it entirely; the schools could even lead by example and use this opportunity to enlighten their students on the topic of too much sugar intake. Nahhh, that sounds like too much trouble.

With no more sugar containing chocolate milk available, the question arises CNN: Why kids need recess and exercise. My guess is that is going to be banned next, since the kids no longer need to get rid of their sugar rush.

Everyone needs a certain amount of sugar, I suppose they compensate that by giving them FOX NEWS: Cookies for a Cure. One thing is for sure though; you better not ask anyone to give you some sugar.

You may be banned!



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