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Monday, April 25, 2011

CNN: Gator sneaks in via doggie door

There are times when I wonder who or what to believe. An alligator sneaking in a house through a doggie door; yeah, I buy that. I don't see any reason to discard that piece of information, because that is quite possible.

Here is the rub though; I first found this headline: FOX NEWS: Florida Woman Finds 6-Foot Alligator in Bedroom, which was followed by this one, proclaiming: MSNBC: 7-ft. alligator found in woman's bathroom.

You may think it's a different gator in a different house, but it appears to be an article about the same woman, the same house and the same reptile. So..., what is it? A 6 or 7 ft alligator and where did she find it; bedroom or bathroom?

Maybe both, since it is well possible she found it at first in her bedroom and it measured up to 6 feet. By the time she alert the media, told her story, and went to check on it, it may have grown and moved in to the bathroom.

Being able to grow, it would have to eat. No problem, the lady had several cats and apparently those went missing after the gator decided to take up residence in her abode. I hope they will show up again soon, although I fear the worst.

Which is the true story? I suppose it is up to me who and what to believe. Decisions, decisions, sigh. For now; ta-ta. Oh wait, let me rephrase that:

See you later, alligator!



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