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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Washington Post: Palin’s magical mystery tour

It sure is magical, because it got everyone stirred up and talking about it and it is even more mysterious due to the fact that it drives the press wild and they can't stand it. I can't help but admire her disposition and not let the media force her to reveal her next destination.

Even though Sarah is a politician, it doesn't mean she is a public possession and has to answer to, explain, share and her actions with the media. ABC: PALIN: 'I Don't Think I Owe Anything to the Mainstream Media' and right she is. You would tell strangers to mind their own business when getting on a bus and they wanted to know where you are headed and why, wouldn't you? There you go!

Since the media can't get the scoop and has to put in a little work and effort finding out ABC: Palin's Bus Departs D.C., But For Where? they might as well get comfortable with it and see it as an adventure. Frankly, I don't quite understand all the commotion; they already know where her bus tour is taking her:

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