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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

CNN: Economy makes people sick, literally

Of course it does and if you had expected otherwise you must have been living in la-la land. There were already enough writings on the wall when that Healthcare bill was pushed through; that should have already been enough to make you sick on your stomach.

It has been going downhill from there. Well, maybe not entirely; several things went uphill and increased, like the price tags on food, health, gas and our other monthly expenses.

It is quite regurgitating when trying to come up with the extra money for the next bill and everyone is worried sick about their financial situation. Stress is taking its toll, but hey, you can't see the doctor due to the exorbitant co-pays, medication prices and many more out of pocket costs.

Pointing fingers doesn't do much good, but maybe things might clear up after the next leader moves in to the White House. Yup, all indicators are there might be someone else taking over, according to this headline; YAHOO: Obama's rating on economy hits new low: poll. I don't think Obama will feel very spiffy, after reading that article.

Maybe the shoe is on the other foot for a change, huh?!



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