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Thursday, July 7, 2011

ABC: Fed Up Patients Bill Docs for Wait Times

You sure don't want to get sick these days. Not only because it imposes a great physical inconvenience, but due to the costs involved.

Right of the bat, there are the out of pocket costs for simply showing up at the doctor's office. The next payments probably go towards medications and you can consider yourself lucky if that is all you come away with.

The fact that time is money and you often spend hours of your precious time waiting for the doctor to finally diagnose you within a few minutes of his precious time, is often neglected. No matter how you look at it; you are the one who is paying.

What's the point of having to make an appointment if the only one who is on time is you? I sympathize with those patients who billed the doctors for all the time lost waiting. I wonder how the docs feel;

Getting a dose of their own medicine!



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