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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

ABC: Is it Time to Eat Like a Caveman?

I raised my eyebrow when I read that question and was wondering what they meant by that. If it pertains to leaving our utensils out of the equation and simply put our fingers to use, then there is nothing new under the sun; we never lost that primal urge and still are very accomplished at it.

Maybe it referred to CNN: Restaurants roll out insect cuisine. I don't think it would bug our ancestors one bit munching on a good, crunchy, protein rich meal, but many of us may have lost both the appetite and the appreciation for such a dish.

In case it means we have to hunt down our own dinner then that is old news too; we never ceased to hunt, fish, clean and prepare. So, where is the difference? Ohhh, I get it; I suspect it is in our dwellings.

Well, with all those expensive costs of living and so many foreclosures going on, it will not be long before we are taking up residency in a cave again.

We shouldn't be surprised when that happens. We should know by now that history repeats itself!



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