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Friday, July 8, 2011

ABC: Obama Schedules Rare Sunday Debt Meeting

I am inclined to say 'welcome to the club', because I have a great suspicion there are many more debt meetings held on a regular basis, all over the country and not just on the Sundays.

I am also a little apprehensive concerning this 'rare' debt meeting, since the results are probably going to wind up in our court. In other words; we are most likely the ones ending up with the liability paying off the debt.

Sure, it is always easier making someone else responsible for cleaning up the mess, instead of dealing with it yourself. Maybe Obama can get some valuable tips and ideas on how to cut the spending by reading the CBS: Extreme coupon cutters share cash-saving secrets.

Low and behold; then I come across this headline: Fox News: ROVE: If Obama Got Serious on Spending, It Would Help 2012 Bid. How true; instead of wasting the donors' money on his campaign, it could go towards solving the debt.

That certainly would be a huge help!



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