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Sunday, July 10, 2011

CNN: 10 hot grilling spots around the globe

I am really surprised they were able to pin those grilling spots down to just 10; I would have suspected there were a lot more which would qualify and the choice would be a lot harder to make.

I don't know what the criteria were they set for these spots, but those were probably the determining factors making for it in to the top ten. The standards must have been really high and several things may have been taken in account.

Environment, weather, comfort, accessibility and apparently a lot more had to fill the requirements. It is weird, but we have all that and then some in our own back yard and we are nowhere to be found on that list.

It is actually even better inside, although the grilling would have to be done on a smaller scale, but that would not diminish the results. Sorry folks, but it seems to me there are millions of hot spots for taking the heat.

Yup, you can get grilled anywhere!



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