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Monday, August 8, 2011

CNN: Tightrope walker's near disaster

This is not for everyone; you really have to know the ropes before even setting one foot on it and taking the first step, or you are in for a huge fall.

Of course you would learn the ropes only a couple of inches from the ground. That way, at least it wouldn't be so detrimental when you take a plunge. Don't expect being able to skip rope; that could turn out to be a rather costly mistake.

The rope has to be real tight, because too much slack would make it even harder to keep a good balance and when given even more, it could be enough to hang oneself. The latter would definitely mean the career is on the ropes.

All of the above may be the reasons for experiencing such CBS: A lousy weekend in Obamaland. All I can say is: "Welcome to the club". We have been roped in and forced to walk that tightrope for quite a while now, with disastrous consequences.

It's about time someone else reached the end of the rope!



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