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Monday, August 1, 2011

Metal bar stools for my minimalist kitchen design

Guest post written by Caroline Dawson

I thought that when it came to decorating my new apartment, it would be much easier and more cost efficient if I would just buy less stuff and go with the minimalist look. I've looked through all kinds of interior design blogs before I started buying stuff and moving in so that I would be ahead of the game.

Those have given me a good idea on the essential stuff, but I put off buying things for my dining room and living room. While I was looking up some stuff to get dining room idea, I ran across the website www.HomeProImprovement.com. I looked through it some and decided that maybe further along the way I should get my apartment re-carpeted. But that's something I'll do further down the way.

I saw this one metal bar stool on a style blog and I'm going to buy a few of those because I think that they'll go perfectly with the design that I have set up so far. Plus, it's a lot easier to clean when I have less stuff.



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