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Friday, July 29, 2011

Yahoo!: Obama addresses the debt ceilling debate

What is there to address? All he can do is talk in circles and give an explanation of why no agreement has been reached yet.

We are certainly not jumping for joy listening to explanations and justifications; immediate action is needed and preferably action that doesn't tax the common people even more.

You could not have missed it, since it is all over the media; the debt ceiling is a whooping $14.29 trillion.

The limit has been reached and all Obama wants to do is address the debates. It would be better if he got a notion that not only the ceiling has been reached, but that the debt is about to go through the roof and address an acceptable solution.

It is way past time to stop beating around the bush. Speaking of which, I sincerely doubt Bush would have let it come to this.

Oh well, I suppose it is all a matter of values, huh?!



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