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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

MSNBC: Primetime clash: Obama, Boehner go head-to-head as debt talks stall

They can and probably will butt heads for a long time to come, but since they are both hard headed, I anticipate that all it will result in are injuries. They might as well be banging their heads against a brick wall; it is not getting them anywhere, except maybe to the Dentist.

By the time the lights go out in either Obama or Boehner, substantial damage to the face is very likely to have occurred. They may not only end up with the wind knocked out of them, but also with some teeth missing and in need of Orthodontists to restore the damage.

Even though this would be a bad situation, it could have some positive consequences. They may experience first hand how high the costs of health care are by having to Find Dentists and getting some substantial work done. The conclusion may be that people are already paying more then they can afford and agree to leave the taxes alone.

Yes, it is wishful thinking on my part, because I am fully aware this 'going head to head' is only a matter of speech. However, I do hope there will be no more messing around with the taxes.

We are already taxed to the max!



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