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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Sunday Scoops

All eyes and attention are mainly focused on all the commemorations of 9/11 and rightfully so, but there is still a whole lot of other news going around which caught my eye this morning.

Take this one for example:
ABC: TV Shows That Make You Healthier.
I wasn't even aware those existed. Most of what enfolds before my eyes, when watching the majority of those TV shows on the tube, makes me sick to my stomach and I am certainly not one of those easily disturbed viewers.

CNN: Nike to auction 'Marty McFly' shoes.
That's cool and I hope they rake in a lot of money for the foundation. However, they may have gotten a whole lot more for it in the future; it seems like the older it gets, the more people are paying for it.

Fox News: Granddad Becomes Oldest College Player at 61.
It is never too late and you are as old as you feel. I just hope his body can and will keep up with his bucket list.

Fox News: Can You Imagine Nation Without Postal Service?
I don't know. Does that mean we have to put postage on every e-mail we send? I also don't think receiving a 'virtual' package will do the trick.

TIME: How Consumers Are Coping in the Economy.
Which consumers? There are hardly any left!



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