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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

ABC: Colossal 1-Ton Crocodile Caught

It seems like animals are breaking more and more records these days. Maybe they always have, but we just weren't aware of it. Take this crocodile for instance; measuring a whopping 21 foot and weighing in at around a ton it is considered being a monster-croc.

I guess we have forgotten about the size of all the dinosaurs which used to walk the face of the earth. Since crocodiles have been around for 84 million years, we ought to expect coming across even larger specimens in the near future.

The intentions are keeping this crocodile alive and well for tourist attraction, so we shouldn't expect being able to add some crocodile shoes or handbags to it.

CBS: Colorado dog sets record for longest ears is another record. With a left ear as long as 12.25 inches and its right ear 13.5 inches long, it made the Guinness Book Of World Records for being a living dog with the longest ears.

I think it would be best to keep it inside during a windy day and also make sure he doesn't trip over his ears.

It seems like animals are getting smarter too; CNN: Bear drives off with family car. Where we have to study and obtain a driver's license, the bear gets behind the wheel and hits the road.

I guess it either comes naturally, or it doesn't, huh?

Animals seem to have more fun these days as well; Fox News: Elephant Polo a Huge Hit. They certainly must enjoy playing it and wouldn't participate if they didn't like it after the first game, because an elephant never forgets.

I certainly could learn something from those elephants like..., like..., ehhh. Oops, I forgot!



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