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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

ABC: Back to School: Tech You Need

The way our children are being taught nowadays sure has changed a lot over the past several decades. In my younger years, we didn't even know what a computer was and it wasn't until college when its popularity began to rise and we were given an opportunity to get more acquainted with it.

At that time, everyone would have declared you being out of your mind if you would have predicted that computers and laptops would be an essential part of the learning process. At present, it is the entire opposite and when a school does not give teachers supplies like these devices of technology, it will not have much of a future.

I am aware of the fact that we have to keep up, but most of our grandchildren can hardly count without using a computer or calculator. I see nothing wrong with teaching them to think and putting their entire hands to work and not just their index finger clicking the mouse. What is wrong with the good, old preschool supplies?

Our grandsons just started daycare and the oldest was so excited when telling me all about him playing a game on the computer. I was baffled. I would rather hear about him trying to push a round peg in a square hole and all the other colorful and fun daycare supplies he had been playing with.

Maybe I am too old fashioned, huh?



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