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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Fox News: You Decide: Will Irene Change Your Weekend Plans?

I don't think there is anything to decide, because Irene already did that for you. Any outdoor activities are blown out of the water and in case you planned indoor activities, you better ensure to have lots of batteries and candles handy, since Irene may take the power away from you.

It is advisable to scour the house for all kinds of owners and repair manuals; you may need them after this hurricane has moved on and left you with any damage. Can't find what you need? That is an easy fix; you can always go online and order Haynes Repair Manuals.

It doesn't necessarily have to be due to the hurricane for transportation, a recreational vehicle or other equipment to give up the ghost. It always comes out of the blue and usually when it is most inconvenient. It certainly wouldn't hurt to have those Haynes Repair Manuals handy at all times.

In case you are in Irene's path, don't expect to get through it without being affected by it; there is always something bound to break down. That doesn't mean it is beyond repair and with the Haynes Repair Manuals you got it covered.

Irene really doesn't leave you much choice. The only thing for you to decide is whether to vacate the premises, or ride out the storm!



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