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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

CBS: What a Google-Motorola marriage means for you

The initial reaction would be the excitement of looking forward to a party, but it may not turn out being as happy and entertaining as we had anticipated. It has yet to be seen whether this is a match made in heaven or not.

The question if CNN: Google-Moto deal = better phones? can not be answered either. Sure, the marriage may result in expansion with a Googlorola, but since that would still be in baby shoes we would have to wait and see how it develops.

Of course, ABC: Google Enters New Territory With Motorola Buy, because they are mobile and can go where no Google has gone before.

Even when they don't want to admit it and The New York Times: Google Denies It Is Turning Into a Mobile Phone Company. There is just no way around it: when providing mobile phones part of the company turns in to a mobile phone company.

I just wonder how CNET: Google may alienate allies with Motorola deal. I suspect they plant an app on their phones for that.

It may prevent people from googling the maps and trying to determine their location!



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